Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

Pathak Podiatry is proud to offer minimally invasive surgery (MIS) as an innovative solution for various foot and ankle conditions. Under the expert care of our podiatric surgeon, Dr. Pathak, patients benefit from state-of-the-art techniques that result in less pain, reduced scarring, and a faster recovery compared to traditional surgical methods. Our commitment to utilizing the latest advancements in MIS enables us to provide personalized treatment plans that prioritize your comfort, well-being, and long-term foot and ankle health. Choose Pathak Podiatry for cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical care designed to help you return to your everyday activities as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Our Services

Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

A minimally invasive procedure to treat chronic plantar fasciitis by releasing the tight plantar fascia, providing patients with relief from heel pain.


A minimally invasive technique to correct bunions, reducing pain and deformity while preserving joint mobility and function.

Percutaneous Achilles Tendon Repair

A minimally invasive approach to repairing Achilles tendon tears or ruptures, leading to a quicker recovery and reduced scarring compared to traditional methods.

Ganglion Cyst Excision

Utilizing minimally invasive techniques to remove ganglion cysts from the foot or ankle, resulting in reduced pain and a faster return to normal activities.

Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Correction

A less invasive approach to correcting hammertoe deformities, providing patients with improved toe alignment and reduced recovery time.

Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion

A minimally invasive alternative to traditional ankle fusion surgery, offering patients reduced pain, faster healing, and fewer complications.

Neuroma Excision

Utilizing minimally invasive techniques to remove painful neuromas from the foot, resulting in a faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.

Minimally Invasive Flatfoot Correction

A less invasive approach to flatfoot reconstruction, offering patients improved foot alignment and function with reduced postoperative pain and recovery time.


Dr. Neha Pathak brings extensive experience to her role as a podiatrist at Pathak Podiatry.