Ingrown toenail Care

The typical minor surgical procedure for ingrown toenail removal involves removing the very small portion of the nail that is curving into the skin and cleaning out any infected tissue around the nail. Inaddition, a chemical is often applied to the root of the toenail corner to prevent the toenail from becoming ingrown in the future. The entire procedure takes under 10 minutes and is performed in the office on the same day of your initial visit. Alternatively for chronic and non-severe ingrown and pincer toenails a non-invasive option called the Onyfix Nail Correction System may be recommended.

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The ingrown toenail removal procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A local anesthetic is injectedinto the affected toenail prior to the procedure, thus there is no pain during the procedure itself. Numbness in the toe can last for a few hours after the procedure. Nonetheless, patients can walk out of the office without restrictions after the procedure as the ability to move the toes is not affected.


Following the ingrown toenail removal procedure, there is a specific after-care protocol provided in the office. The affected toenails return to normal on average 12 to 14 days following the procedure. Normalgym and sports activities can be resumed at this time.


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