Fracture Repair

At Pathak Podiatry, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for foot and ankle fractures. Our skilled podiatric surgeon, Dr. Pathak, employs the latest surgical techniques to ensure optimal healing and recovery for a variety of fractures, including ankle, fibular, medial malleolus, and metatarsal fractures. We focus on proper alignment and stabilization during the fracture repair process to restore function, prevent complications, and minimize the risk of long-term issues. Trust Pathak Podiatry for comprehensive and compassionate care, tailored to your specific needs, as you journey towards restored mobility and a pain-free future.

Our Services

Ankle Fracture Repair

We provide expert care for ankle fractures, utilizing the latest surgical techniques to ensure optimal healing and recovery.

Medial Malleolus Fracture Repair

We address fractures of the medial malleolus, part of the tibia, to promote proper healing and prevent complications.

Fibular Fracture Repair

Our team treats fibular fractures, which often occur alongside ankle injuries, to restore stability and function to the lower leg.

Metatarsal Fracture Repair

Our team expertly treats metatarsal fractures, which affect the long bones in the foot, to ensure proper alignment and healing.


Dr. Neha Pathak brings extensive experience to her role as a podiatrist at Pathak Podiatry.