R.I.C.E Therapy

A self-care treatment that will help reduce pain and swelling of your tissue injuries. R.I.C.E means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. It’s helpful whenever you experience minor injuries. 

This treatment is the best for sprains or strains, small bone injuries or a sports injury. It’s also used and recommended for closed fractures or degenerative joint problems. If you have an injury, pain or swelling that doesn’t go away, you should see a doctor.


But Why is R.I.C.E Treatment effective? 


With 4 steps, the R.I.C.E method will help you heal up your body faster. 



Pain is the signal from your body that something is wrong when you get hurt. So the most recommended thing is for you to stop the activity and rest. 

It’s because, if you have minor or moderate injuries, if you keep moving and putting weight on top of your injury, it can and probably will worsen your injury and delay your recovery. 

Doctor recommends resting for at least 48h, and not put too much pressure and stress on the injured area. It’s useful to have some assistive devices like a cane or sling to help your mobility and to avoid pressure in the joints and/or limbs. 



Icing the injured areas helps reduce pain and inflammation. It’s more effective when used in the first few hours after the injury occurs. 

It’s best to use it for 20 minutes within every hour. But do not apply the ice directly to the skin, prefer to wrap it with a towel or plastic bags, and avoid leaving it for more than 20 minutes, but it may damage your skin and lead to an ice burn. 


Compression usually helps reduce swelling in the injured areas. You can use elastic bandages, but also special boots, splints, air casts are also very helpful for compressing and supporting your whole body. 

But it’s not supposed to be too tight, to avoid problems with your blood circulation. It has to be comfortable, not too loose or too tight. If you start experiencing numbness, tingling or more pain, stop the compression. 



Elevating the injured part of your body above the heart level helps the downward path to drain the fluids back to your heart, reducing swelling and pain. 


Is the R.I.C.E method enough to treat an injury?

If you continue to experience moderate to severe pain or discomfort in your injuries after using the R.I.C.E method at home, as a self-care method, it’s best to go to a specialized care provider. 

The doctor may prescribe other methods such as NSAIDS or Physical Therapy during the R.I.C.E treatment, but it’ll depend on the kind of the injury.

That’s the only way you’ll know the best treatment to cure your injury. Here at Pathak Podiatry, there’s a few treatment options available. 

Come see us in our office, book an appointment right now. We’ll help you figure out the best treatment for your injuries.