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You need to be sure

If you or someone close needs surgery, you may feel worried and anxious before deciding to do the procedure. Examination shows that almost 90% of patients regularly have their treatment plan and their determination changed or amended after talking to another specialist. At Universal Footcare, we offer many second viewpoints to different patients. Regardless of whether you trust your medical practitioner, a significant foot or lower leg medical procedure is huge. We suggest looking for a subsequent assessment before focusing on your treatment plan.

Reasons for a second opinion:

  • Answer your question
  • Better understand your condition
  • Make more informed decisions about your treatment plan

Symptom foot pain and numbness in feet of adult women or ache from bunion disease or plantar


If you got various conceivable treatment choices, extreme or perilous determination, or data from a specialist that there is nothing that should be possible for you, get a second opinion.

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How do I find another doctor?

It is very common for your current doctor to refer you when asked for a second opinion. The second opinion is very common; if you ask for a referral, your doctor will not be surprised or shocked.

Osteopath assessing a hallux valgus

It doesn’t matter if your health condition is life-threatening or not.

Whatever issue that compromises your welfare is important enough for you to be comfortable with diagnosis and treatment plan.

Check with your healthcare provider about how long does it take to get a second opinion.

Usually, staying in the same network can simplify the process of managing test results, medical records, or any other data that can be useful to a doctor to give you a solid second opinion about your condition.


Will my doctor be upset if I seek a second opinion?

Doctors and experts understand that second opinions are sometimes part of the patient’s treatment process. 

Isn’t it expensive to get a second opinion?

Many health insurance providers bear the cost of a second or even third opinion for medically necessary operations. Insurance providers find it beneficial for patients seeking a second opinion.

How long does it take to arrange a second opinion?

Often staying on your network will simplify the process of collecting medical records, test image results, and other information needed by other doctors

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