Swift Wart Therapy

Is there a wart where it shouldn’t be?

Those fleshy protrusions can cause embarrassment and discomfort, right? And it can be worse: warts can become inflamed, inflamed, open wounds that won’t heal, which could indicate they’re malignant. Plantar warts are located specifically on your feet and are more painful than other warts due to the pressure on your feet.

Treatment Options

  • Wart removal

Symptom foot pain and numbness in feet of adult women or ache from bunion disease or plantar


The appearance of fleshy bumps. They can be white, pink or tan, and are sprinkled with small pinpoints.

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How can I get rid of a wart?

Universal Footcare’s Swift Wart Treatment is based on a new treatment, that works directly against the human papillomavirus (HPV), the viral infection that causes warts. We apply an FDA-approved device that uses microwave energy through a probe in order to stimulate your body’s natural defenses, which helps remove plantar warts.

Osteopath assessing a hallux valgus

Our therapy can relieve a lot of problems, such as:

  • The pain of pressuring the wart
  • The sensation of walking over stones.

Those sensations and discomforts may even prevent you from participating in various physical activities.

Many times, people try to treat these problems with other types of treatments, but warts can recur or multiply. In these cases, Swift Wart Therapy can relieve all of these symptoms by stopping once and for all the HPV virus that causes warts.

Apart from those feelings, this treatment reduces your risk of developing malignant tumors.


How can I know if I need Swift Wart Treatment?

You may want to consider the therapy if you are unhappy or uncomfortable with warts on your feet. Especially if they recur or multiply. Also, if your warts are inflamed, bleeding, or painful, they may be malignant growths that need to be removed.

Is the procedure painful?

It can cause some discomfort for a few seconds when the skin is heated, depending on the individual’s skin sensitivity. Any other discomfort subsides immediately after the device is removed. No numbness is required for the process. With each successive treatment, the discomfort will decrease as the wart begins to heal.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how many warts you have and how severe they are. If the region is bleeding, inflamed, painful, or malignant, your insurance company is responsible for some or all of the cost.

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